Fathom One. Explore More.
 Travel more. Pack less.
 Modular Attachments. Take apart the Fathom One to travel, and put it back together when you get where you're going. Modular thrusters make travel, repairs, and customization simple, so that you can focus on your experience. 
 A View Beneath the Waves. Experience life under the surface as you dive through the water. The Fathom Buoy creates a personal WiFi netowrk so you can experience the stunning underwater world through the eyes of the Fathom One, all without holding your breath.
 Light up the dark. With built-in LEDs, the Fathom One is capable of diving at night, or diving down deep, lighting the way while you explore.

 Diving Indicators

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 Fathom One  $599.00 plus shipping  Intuitive Diving: Pick it up in seconds, be a pro in minutes.   Experience the Underwater World: Stream real time 1080p video wirelessly to your smart device with the Fathom buoy and intelligent tether.  Record your Adventure: Save the live stream and share it with your friends, or store it in the Fathom Dive Log to view later.  Dive Longer: With a dive time of 1 hour on a single charge, you can explore more.  Dive Buddy: Use the Fathom Observe feature on the native app to view the same live stream on multiple devices, at the same time.   Estimated to ship summer 2017