Fathom Spotlight: Jamie Guined

Our Fathom user spotlight this month is Jamie Guined. Jamie is the founder of the SeaSpace Society, an organization dedicated to pushing the envelope for the exploration of both the oceans and outer space. You can read more about the awesome work of SeaSpace at www.seaspacesociety.org.



Jamie first realized the connection between exploring the oceans and exploring space when working as an exercise scientist for NASA. Her research focused on the physiology of humans in spaceflight and much of her work involved humans in an analogous environment: On the surface and underwater. After working at NASA for 7 years, Jamie felt the time was right to pursue her passion for exploration of extreme environments via a different avenue.



In 2015 she founded SeaSpace, hoping the private sector would be a way for her to access cutting edge technology and achieve funding on a faster timeline. Much of her time these days is spent preparing for upcoming missions during which she and her team will spend weeks living underwater. One of these is the Poseidon project which will entail living under the ocean for 100 days! Prior to that the team will be completing undersea living assignments for shorter amounts of time as a way to prepare. These extended undersea missions will take place in a custom-built undersea habitat off the coast of Florida.



When I asked her about her coolest aquatic experience, she told me about one of her previous missions in which she lived underwater for 24 hours. She recounted how she could look out of the porthole in the station and sea fish just like she was looking into an aquarium. When I asked, she told me that she has never suffered from claustrophobia.

Jamie’s biggest environmental concern is freshwater ecosystem conservation.  During her time as a Fathom beta tester, she hopes to not only trial the drone as a tool for the Poseidon project but also use it to raise awareness about at-risk freshwater ecosystems. We look forward to working with Jamie as a beta tester and to hearing about the outcome of her mission!


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